Lobsterman’s Wharf

Lobsterman’s Wharf is a seasonal restaurant serving seafood and meat dishes. Fried as well as grilled food is on the menu. There is also a 14-room inn as part of the property. All kitchen wastewater flows through an automatic grease removal unit prior to entering an existing grease trap. Sanitary and kitchen flow enters a pump station that pumps the influent to the treatment plant located behind the inn. The design flow is 4600 gpd and an estimated combined BOD5of 945 mg/l. The owner indicates that the plant is fully loaded. The effluent results listed below are seasonal averages based on the facilities Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) form as required by their NPDES permit.




Year 1

3.3 mg/l

5.8 mg/l

Year 2

2.75 mg/l

6.6 mg/l

Year 3

5.8 mg/l

5.8 mg/l

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