Malang, Indonesia

This mosque is adjacent to the Phillip Morris plant.

Indonesia is an industrious country and the area around Malang, on the the south coast of the island of Java, is a growing industrial center. Phillip Morris maintains a tobacco processing plant in Malang for which Walden, Inc. recently supplied a 10,000 GPD SBR to handle domestic waste from the two-shift a day operation.

As usual, the Walden SBR was installed with local labor. The photo below shows how a Walden, Inc. package treatment plant can fit into tight quarters if need be. The control panel for the Walden unit can be seen against the wall on the left.

Even the control panel and piping needed to take advantage of limited space in this installation. This photo shows the NEMA 4 enclosure that protects the controls from the sub-tropical elements while allowing easy access.

One of the keys to the success of Walden, Inc. Sequencing Batch Reactors is the remotely programmable PLC which makes a Walden plant flexible enough to meet changing local demands as well as unforeseen operating constraints. The mosque we showed you above borders the Malang processing plant served by this Walden installation, as you can see in the photo below. The faithful pray five times a day so the proprietary Walden PLC was reprogrammed during installation to turn off the potentially distracting blower during prayer. The Walden SBR process is a robust one and takes such alterations in stride.

Finished installation

The above photo gives a hint of how easy it is to blend a Walden, Inc. installation into a lawn or other landscaping. The access hatches shown here permit all regular maintenance to be performed from the surface; it is not necessary for anyone to be inside a Walden SBR at any time. The blowers can be located a a distance from the plant if needed. In this case they are in the white enclosure near the tree at the far end of the installation.
The photo below shows the end result of a careful, site-aware installation of the Walden, Inc. SBR unit in a confined area. The square form of the control panel is at center of the wall on the right, the blower is at the far end, and the access risers are nearly invisible among the shrubs and landscaping.

This is what a Walden, Inc. SBR is designed to do: process a waste stream and produce a clear, quality effluent to return to the environment. In other Walden installations the effluent has been returned to the sea, entered municipal sewage systems and been used for watering a golf course. How well can a Walden, Inc. SBR perform? See the results of from an independent lab on an SBR installation in New England on the “Lab Tests” page.

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