Recent Projects

Lobsterman’s Wharf

Lobsterman’s Wharf is a seasonal restaurant serving seafood and meat dishes. Fried as well as grilled food is on the menu. There is also a 14-room inn as part…read more

Egg Washing Operation

Egg washing produces a discharge with very high BOD and Nitrogen levels. Many facilities are not on public sewers and therefore require onsite treatment prior to discharge. Protection of …read more

WAWA Convenience Store

WAWA is a convenience store chain with stores in the mid Atlantic states. Many locations are situated within the Chesapeake Bay watershed…read more


Malang, Indonesia

Walden, Inc. SBR makes for a quiet neighbor.  A 10,000 GPD system handles waste from a two shift a day operation for Phillip Morris…read more

Village Down River

The Village Down River is a development of luxury homes located on the grounds of what was once the White Hall Manor Estate. In more recent…read more

Wickford Junction

Wickford Junction sits atop a gravel aquifer recharge zone. A Walden SBR system was chosen to treat the wastewater flow from a proposed shopping center in order to…read more

Genesis Condominiums

Genesis Condominiums are located on the lovely Outer Banks of North Carolina. Genesis found itself with an aging…read more

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